Start Exploring London

It has been incredible two weeks so far in London. My academic goal is not only to get a good grade but also to adapt to the British way of teaching. Since I am taking “Analyzing and Exploring London,” I will learn about the city and its history both inside and outside the classroom. Professionally, this will be my first internship experience, so I am trying to improve communication skills, make connections, and understand the culture of the company.

I live in a flat with one roommate from the University of Minnesota and there are three other girls on the different floor. Our flat is located in front of the station called “Goldhawk Road,” so it is very convenient to go anywhere around the city. My favorite thing in London so far is the transportation system. There are buses for 24 hours and various lines of tubes which take me to the city and all-around London. Although the lifestyle here is a fast pace and it is very different in many ways from Pittsburgh, it is very similar to my hometown, Tokyo. One thing that really impressed me since I came here is the diversity. I have never been to a city where 40 percent of the population is international and 2/3 of them are not from Europe. I am also taking a class in Urban Studies which takes me to the field trip every Tuesdays, so I get to know the places where I wouldn’t go if I wasn’t taking this course. At this moment, there is nothing to complain about in this beautiful city. My internship takes place in a marketing and recruiting agency. My job is mainly a marketing part where I write information on social media such as Linkedin and Twitter. I also help to research clients and find good candidates for each position.

During my free time, I went to visit Wimbledon. As a tennis player, it was a blessing moment just to be in that environment. I also took tubes and walked a lot around the city. I also visited the London eye, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, several museums, and parks. One tip that I would give to any students who would participate in this program is that you should take an advantage of transportation and walk around the city. There are many streets where you can find restaurants, coffee shops, or unique stores. I am hoping to get to know some other cities in England so that I can have a better idea of this country.