The Gaelic Games

This past week has been filled with a lot of growth not only in business but with friends! Saturday one of our partners got us tickets to a Gaelic football semifinal match. It was so cool because I got to go with all my coworkers and bond with everyone outside of the office. It was cool because one of the first days EUSA took us to a local club and we had people who play the sport show us how to play all the national sports of Ireland. So surprisingly at the match I knew what was going on! We spent the afternoon eating good food and getting to know each other outside of work. The other intern from Indiana and I have gotten close, so it is really nice to have a good friend at work. The Gaelic games are held at Croke Park Stadium which we found out is the second largest stadium in all of Europe! That was pretty cool to find out and go to a match that I probably never would have gone to.

This week I also ate some really great food. Monday, I had a grilled cheese that was better than The Yard. And if you’re from Pittsburgh you know how big of a deal that is. It was so delicious. Thursday, we went to Xico which is one of the best Mexican places in all of Dublin. My coworkers raved about it and it was definitely a great try.

I am really excited because currently my parents and brother are flying across the Atlantic to come visit me in Ireland! I am excited to show them around the place that has now become my home. I still work all week, so they are going to do the “touristy” things I already did and then we will do other fun stuff in the evening. Hopefully I’ll get to show them some of my favorite places and try some new ones. Even though I haven’t seen them in 7 weeks I am surprisingly comfortable with being on my own. I obviously miss them, but it has never been too much. It will be really nice to see them and explore new parts of Ireland with them!