Exploring Alone

I still have 3 weeks remaining on my trip yet I feel like the end is approaching so much quicker than I expected. Now the end of my time in Prague is on the horizon. This has inspired me to start a list, slowly accumulating everything I have not done yet, so much more to do with so little time. On top of this, essentially 90% of the students on my program are leaving this weekend, and with that almost all of the friends I have made my time here. This gives me 2 weeks mostly alone to explore the city more on my own terms. With this is also the opportunity to do some independent travel on the weekends. I am fairly set on visiting Budapest and I have a feeling it will be an entirely different experience going by myself rather than with a group of friends. It’s funny because going into the summer here I did not know a single person on my program and was half expecting to be doing a lot of independent travel within and outside of Prague, but that was not the case until my final weeks here.

My family is also visiting Prague for a week after my program ends, so I am looking forward to spending some time with them. This has also pushed me to know the history and makeup of Prague even more, because despite living here for so long i know there are still some fascinating things I don’t know about this city. The last thing I want is for my family to ask me questions about the city and for me to have no answer, I’ve already begun reading more about the history of the city and it’s simply amazing how much there is under the surface of what I have learned and come across naturally from living here every day.

I have a feeling I will have some culture shock coming home, and I’m sure it will be very small things that make the biggest difference. I know from friends that one thing after coming back to America after being abroad is that all the sudden you can understand every conversation around you. When I’m on transit, the streets, work, or out to eat the majority of the conversations from people around me are in different languages which I cannot understand, so I start to tune them out entirely. I have a feeling coming back home I will be unable to not hear every detail of every conversation around me whether I want to or not. Just one of many small things I expect to throw me for a loop