Hello for the last time. Unfortunately, it has now been over a week since I left Australia. The good news is that I went straight to the Dominican Republic! However, I am still sad everyday remembering the weeks I spent with great people abroad. While I am now abroad in Puerto Plata, I will reflect on the best seven weeks of my life in Australia.

I went into this trip expecting the very best, and luckily my expectations were met. The people I met are now some of my closest friends, and the places I experienced will never be forgotten. My only regret is not travelling to more places while there, however, it just was not possible given the amount of time. The things I did get to do though were phenomenal and enhanced my understanding of the world and different cultures. Even excursions that were fun (climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge, visiting the Blue Mountains, exploring the wildlife park) taught me so much in an exciting way.

I miss my operations management class! The class consisted of six people and one amazing professor. The class was three hours a week and we learned so much. Not only did we get to know the material of the course well, but also learned so much about one another because of the small class size. I never thought I would miss learning so much!

The only aspect of the trip that fell short of my expectations was my internship. The work atmosphere was boring, and I dreaded going to work each day. Looking back though, I am happy that I got a lot of hands on experience and learned a lot. Since it was only a one-man company, I contributed a great deal to the daily operations of the business. Although the social aspect was not great, the experiential learning I received was fantastic. It also taught me what I want and do not want in a future company.

Although I am not back home, arriving in a country other than Australia is quite weird. I did not realize how much I had adapted to a different culture in only seven weeks. Something as simple as walking, or driving, on the left side of the street is no longer normal. In addition, certain words are no longer acceptable to use; saying cheers in the Dominican Republic or the United States would likely result in funny looks from people. Obviously, these are only minor things, but also some of the things that make me aware of the differences in culture.

Tomorrow will be my last day in Puerto Plata, and my last day of being abroad for about eight weeks. I have learned so much about myself and the world this summer and I hope to continue travelling in the future. I am sad to go home, but excited to sleep in my own bed once again!

For the last time (since it’s still sort of acceptable) … CHEERS!