All Great Things Must Come to an End

Now that my program is over, there are many things I am left thinking about. Since arriving in Paris two months ago, I have learned a lot and my perspective of the world have changed. The first week where I felt uncomfortable and out of place, but as I spent more time here, I was able to adjust to French culture and developed a great appreciation for it. Now that I am heading home, I am both sad and relieved.

Not only was this program a great learning experience, but it was very enjoyable as well. I was lucky enough to spend the summer in an amazing city with endless things to do and see. My internship allowed me to connect with people much different than me and form unique relationships. My colleagues and hostess introduced me to French lifestyle in a way that could not be achieved in a classroom.

My internship was challenging and rewarding, and I am confident that it will make me more employable upon graduation. Not just because of the knowledge I learned and the skills I obtained, but because of my willingness to try something new and put myself in an uncomfortable situation. I look forward to being able to talk about this program in future job interviews.

The experience has also taught me about what it is like to work internationally. I always had the desire to work in international business, but up until now I did not have a very clear idea of what it would be like. With this experience, I now feel confident in my pursuit of an international career, and I feel that I am better equipped to succeed in such a position.

I am very thankful for this program. I know that the relationships I made and the knowledge I learned will stick with me for a lifetime. I would tell any student considering studying abroad to look into this program, as it was very challenging at times, but extremely rewarding.

A la prochaine,