Hello, I’m Matthew Lawhead

I have lived in Glen Carbon, Illinois for my entire life. It is about half an hour east of St Louis.

All of the majors in the business school are interesting to me, but at this stage I plan to study marketing. I also want to minor in economics as it was my favorite subject in high school. Lastly, I hope to study a language, because I would like to go into international business.

I look forward to this program for many reasons. Study abroad was one of the primary factors in my college decision process, so the opportunity to go abroad before fall semester is a dream come true. In addition, I am ready to be a university student and it is nice to get a head start.

I have only been abroad once, and that was when I went to the British Virgin Isles with a group of friends earlier this Summer.

My primary hobbies all relate to music. I have been playing piano for as long as I can remember and for the past few years I’ve been working on writing my own songs and lyrics. I also love exploring the world of music, between creating playlists of artists I am not familiar with and collecting vinyl.