A Deep View of Japan

Before I departed for the Pitt in Japan Program, I know that I want to enhance my Japanese language skills and practice more in Japan. Also, with the fact that they are the developed country and I’m the business student, I’m really curious about how they manage their country in the business angel. Japanese culture is also something that I’m really interested in for a long time and I really want to experience it myself when I’m in Japan. During the first several weeks in Japan, three biggest takeaways from what I observed out of their daily life are that they are very polite and gentle, very organized and clean, and also very self-disciplined.

I have experienced multiple culture shock during the first couple of weeks and they are mostly from the past shopping experiences within the last few weeks that I had in the Nishinomiya mall and other malls. I discovered some interesting point about Japanese fitting room and some interesting behaviors of the shop assistant. The first time I went to try on the clothes, the shop assistant gave me a bag and showed me to put it on my head to avoid getting the make up on the clothes. Then I opened the fitting room’s curtain and the room itself is furnished with the carpet so that I have to take off my shoes and put it outside before I step in. This is something that is completely different from both American and China. But I think Japanese people are more thoughtful and more cared about the customer’s satisfaction of the process of changing clothes because any part of the service can directly influence the customer’s decision of whether or not to buy the clothes. Next, I noticed that after I buy the clothes and after they had finished putting the clothes in the bag, they would always walk the customers to the front door with the bag and thank us again with a big bow. This always makes me feel that I bought something that is worth is price and I feel happy and warm. Although this is just a small part of their daily politeness, that’s the first time I realize that to what extent can the politeness or the behavior of being polite can actually make people more happy. This is something that Chinese assistants can never be able do at least not now because there are so many people in China and people lose their patience very quickly. Finally, one of the other thing that I notice is that if you actually try on the clothes and then decide not to buy it, they will not express any negative emotion. Moreover, they will based on the clothing choice you’ve made to suggest what other shops you should go check out. I mean, that is the biggest thing that made me surprised. People in China will be kind of impatient after you try on several clothes and don’t buy. Also, they will definitely not suggest you to go to a potential competitor’s shop to buy clothes. I think these belong to part of the polite culture which makes people to like japan after you getting to know it.