Culture & Leadership at EY

Today we visited Ernst & Young, one of the “Big Four” accounting firms. It honestly changed my perspective of the accounting industry for the better. Before visiting Ernst and Young and listening to the employees of the company tell us about the environment, culture, and all the things that take place both in and out of their normal workplace, I would have never taken any interest in an accounting firm. But after finding out that accounting isn’t just a boring job where you sit alone at your desk all day, and rather an interactive team based environment with jobs other than just crunching and evaluating numbers. There’s many other possibilities ranging from jobs in the finance sector to consulting, and it intrigues me more about the jobs that are available in this industry. The main factor that changed my perspective of E&Y was the culture and environment of the office and all the people. They all thoroughly enjoyed their jobs and all of the people they worked with, and it restructured my image of accounting in general.

It’s easy to understand why Ernst & Young has proved to be successful for so many years. The culture by which each employee carries themselves, and their willingness to work with each other for the good of the company allows them to connect with their clients and empathize with other entrepreneurs. Soft skills are a key component to the way business works for E&Y, allowing them to connect with the people they do business. Another key to them being so successful is their adherence to their Corporate Social Responsibility, which they base on education, equity and entrepreneurship. This gives them an edge when it comes to empathizing with other entrepreneurs, because it brands them well. Furthermore, we did some leadership activities today in class before going to visit, and we learned some of the characteristics it takes to be a leader, and also discussed some of the people who we believed were true leaders in the world. I believe that the staff at E&Y vividly exemplified a firm with superb leadership, allowing them to connect with entrepreneurs and make them into the powerhouse they are today.

For my first time visiting a business firm, it was a very unique experience and makes me excited to see where my education takes me as I move on through this program as well as through the rest of my college career.