EY: Solving Problems for Business Aid

As a globally integrated firm across the globe, Ernst and Young presented several concepts discussed in our class which we were able to apply to a real scenario. From the importance of company culture to globalization to the focus study of complex environments, EY showed how they each of these factors are integrated towards their company.

The entrepreneurial culture is anyways changing. With different drivers and unexpected conflicts, the entrepreneurial world cannot be predicted. EY is within a similar entrepreneurial culture, seeing that their work is not cut and dry. They must learn to adapt to their customer’s needs and wants, adjust, and create ideas that lead to success. 3 major drivers that influence their industry and their customers included analytics (understanding their client), global (clients facing global issues or looking to expand globally), and innovation (different ideas in a better way). Viewing this in comparison to the entrepreneurial culture, the services they provide cannot be cut and dry: “Everyday is something new”.

Apart from the process of EY, an interesting observation was that most employees we talked to were not solely passionate about their job, rather, they had a much larger focus on the culture of the company. Every individual who spoke said they loved EY because of the environment of employees that surrounded them. They make personal relationships with their employees, interns, clients, and even alumni. I personally have never heard of a company with a focus on their alumni, I mean, why keep a connection with the employees who left? Alumni connection is extremely admirable in a company, especially one as large as EY.

Another part that resonated with me about their company culture was a specific quote: “Nobody has to fail for you to succeed”. As students, entrepreneurs, and employees we are so accustomed to competition impacting our careers. At EY they see no benefit to powerful authority over the lesser positions; if you have a question, they will help you answer it. This cooperative and welcoming work environment is now something I intend to look for when I begin to enter the work field.

To summarize, the complex environment that EY faces makes understanding the class even easier. The same issues of complexity drivers that we are discussing can clearly be shown in their company. The culture of changing issues and problems that exist within entrepreneurs can also be connected to the business workings at EY. Finally, the company culture shown to be a huge focus of their firm and was clearly shown through all the positive comments their employees spoke of their environment.