Day 2: Meeting with Ernst Young

In Class before meeting with Ernst Young, we talked a lot about economic development.  Because I took IB Econ, the idea of building jobs and the inner city was not new to me.  But I am glad that not only that I reviewed a bit of it, but further enhanced my knowledge and the unintended consequences that economic development has.


Also regarding economics was the different types of markets.  Firms want to get out of perfect competition.  Usually companies want to differentiate from each other to gain competitive advantages if they are in similar markets.


Today was a good day.  Meeting with the accounting group, I learned a lot about myself and what I want to do in, or at least, a general sense.  What they do is they make investments and predictions on certain companies and firms and helps them out.  To me, that is very interesting.  I always like to foresee the future of companies.


Not only did I find the meeting interesting, and the board room sublime, I felt a connection to the company, without me even doing an hour of work.  I felt their energy and their excitement and I do hope to encounter them more.


I noticed that every single person that spoke to our class kept mentioning the culture and the ability to connect with people.  I believe that is a huge part in business.  They mentioned on the importance of communications and soft skills.  I do believe in the importance of that, because it gives you an advantage if you are presenting an idea.