Only 1 more week to call Genoa home


It is almost time to say goodbye to this amazing city that has been my home for the past 5 weeks. The remaining week here I am going to spend visiting all my favorite spots again and eating as much pasta and seafood as I can! I am really going to miss the abundance of fresh local seafood!


One thing here that is very different from life at Pitt is the internet, or lack of it. My apartment does not have Wi-Fi and I must either use my data on my phone or try to find somewhere with a reliable connection. The city offers free hotspots at certain locations; however, they limit the amount of data you can use for the week. The limit is only 300MB, which is not much at all. Being used to walking into any building at Pitt and sitting down to get some work down is one things that I miss. Even the public library here has limitations on the internet. Last week while walking through the city I found a fabulous café called Cafhein that is like a hip American style café that offers free, and reliable, Wi-Fi! I was thrilled to find it because it is like a small piece of home in a foreign city. My favorite drink here has to be the “Nutella Frappachein”. What is more Italian that Nutella coffee?  In my opinion, the lack of internet at my apartment is just a small sacrifice that is worth making to be able to be abroad. Actually, it can be nice at times because it forces you to get out and meet new people. Doing so has been one of the greatest ways in which I improved my comprehension of the local dialect and pickup new vocabulary. Also, it is much different to hear the locals speak in their normal speed than with the professors who speak slowly for us to understand. I find the people here very helpful and eager to speak either English or Italian with you. I was worried that with an American accent the people that know English would jump to that, but that has not been the case. I just tell them I know some Italian and am learning and they are thrilled to continue in Italian and appreciate the fact that I want to learn and am not just “another tourist.” One of my deciding factors on the Genoa program was that fact that most people don’t know English and I get to speak mostly in Italian with the locals.

An interesting fact to leave you, the weather here can change in just 30 minutes from storming to beautifully sunny.

I look forward to seeing what new things and sights I will get to see and experience in my last week!