7/23 Social Enterprise and Innovation

In the afternoon today we had a guest speaker named Sangya Gyawali. We got a background on her: graduated Pittsburgh in 2016, employed at BNY Mellon, and has visited Africa on multiple occasions. On main point which she built around was her experience in Kenya where she travelled to last month. I was amazed about the slums in Kenya have the similar technological development as first world countries. That stuck with me as it gave me information about the world which I was oblivious too. Later she talked about the importance of innovation. How big companies are not able to adapt as quickly and are not as agile as the littler ones.

Globalization was also an overarching theme. We discussed the winners and losers of the world becoming a closer unit. Specifically, how globalization and technology can tackle big world challenges such as: poverty, inequality, and lack of economic opportunity and employment. Then for the last 15 minutes we, the class we given a case study. Prompt was summarized is MasterCard invests 5 million dollars to tackle one of the three big problems, how can it make a profit and help solve one of the problems. My answer is if you give more slums towns the ability to telework, it spurs job opportunity, and MasterCard gets a higher quantity of workers, which will increase supply, lowering the wages of the workers.

Overall takeaways are positive. Thanks to Sangya, I am more vested into economics, possibly minoring in it, which was not on the table before today. And I want to travel to third world countries so I can learn more about the world and how it operates.