Everyday Cafe and Innovation

I found Sangya’s lecture today thought-provoking. One big takeaway I had from her experiences was the idea of outsourcing labor to create jobs and innovate abroad. This seemed to directly contrast many ideas in the current political climate. Her involvement abroad in Africa and the experiences she recalled shed light on technology’s prevalence in poverty. Though absolutely baffling, her recollections really helped to broaden my ideas of globalization in the world today.

I also found her relatable. As a Pitt graduate of 2016, it was exciting to see someone so close to my age who is thriving in the professional world. It makes me especially excited for the years to come and all that Pitt Business has to offer its students.

Our second activity of the day, a visit to Everyday Cafe, was amazing. Over the years, Dr. Wallace has combined his knowledge of social dynamics and passion for Homewood into  a thriving set of community centers throughout Pittsburgh. Among them: STEAM centers, elementary science programs, and Everyday Cafe.

Nestled on the street he grew up on, the cafe is a meeting spot whose goal is to unite the people of Homewood. It serves as a refuge for residents aside from their homes and professional lives. Before today, I had never really been exposed to a non-for-profit whose goal was to exist solely for the purpose of socialization. It was enlightening and inspiring. Dr. Wallace’s passion amplified this.

I think it would be less challenging for a business to have a social purpose, especially in small neighborhoods like Homewood, because the ties to the community are so strong. Personally, I am much more likely to purchase goods from such an establishment because I walk away feeling like I made a small positive impact (even if it’s as simple as a coffee purchase).

Because the town I hail from lacks such an enterprise, I have never bought from one. That, however, will certainly change with the discovery of Everyday Cafe. Replacing normal items in my routine with substitutes that serve the community is something I will definitely normalize.