Halfway! (Level 1 Post)

I have hit the halfway point in my study abroad program! Even though I have only been in London for three weeks, I have learned so much about living and working in this city.

I am really enjoying my International Marketing class. I like how that the class is small and we do projects and presentations instead of exams. This type of teaching helps me retain more information. I am currently working on my midterm paper for this class. For this paper, I am researching the global marketing strategy for Starbucks. Being able to choose the company we research makes writing the 2000-word paper much more fun.

My internship at Marriott has been a positive experience. I am learning all about the revenue control for the finance department. Although the work I am doing is very tedious, I have finally gotten the hang of it. A task that took me four hours to complete on the first now only takes me an hour and a half! I am looking forward to learning about the different departments in finance. My site supervisor wants me to learn more about banking next.

One thing that has been making my time here in London more difficult is the living situation. My flat is great and my roommate is wonderful, but no air conditioning has taken a toll on me. I am not used to sleeping in this kind of heat so I normally wake up feeling exhausted. I try to drink as much coffee as I can throughout the day so I have the energy to do my best in class and at my internship.

This week I tried something new in London… I joined a running club! I joined the London City Runners group to meet local runners and explore new areas of the city. The group meets three times a week in East London. I have noticed that this area is much calmer and better to run in. I find it safer and more fun to run with a group. My favorite run is the Tuesday run because it’s a very scenic route. This group usually has about 70 runners on this day which makes it easy to meet someone new on every run!

I’m definitely enjoying my time in London, but I’m excited to go to Ireland this weekend with some new friends! I have not left London yet to travel so this will be an exciting weekend for me. I’m looking forward to seeing the pretty coast of Ireland as well as the city of Dublin.