Pitt Pitch

After several days of idea development, we finally presented our ideas today to the class and Professor Lada. My product, StageShare, would help to solve disorganization and lack of resources to small theatres and their inventory of costumes and props. The app would give a platform to digitally log and store pictures of inventory and where it is located in their closet. The product would be helpful when a theatre is looking for certain costumes or props and they are able to search on the app, view their images, and locate efficiently. In addition to this, the app would allow a community connection feature. The app would show other local theatres in the area with an account that they would be able to reach out to and message. The main objective behind this is to promote inventory sharing, but the feature of communication can span as far as individual promotion, giving or receiving guidance, and networking. There are no apps that provide digital storing that can be shared with others and there is also no communication or social media type app focused on the theatre community. Presenting my product was extremely nerve-racking and I felt it was difficult to fully get my idea across. Although it was stressful to present my idea, I know that the speaking skills will be useful for a future career.

By the end of the presentation and voting, my product was actually one of the three that moved on to be the main project. I think being the “idea person” behind StageShare has me more nervous than it was actually presenting. I have been in leadership positions before, but I have found I fit better in a dynamic where I can make things happen, not be the face of a product. I’m super excited to work with James and Micah because (from what I have seen in class) they both have either physical or hands-on intelligence with different business skills. Working with them will definitely help advance our product to be the best it can be.

One of the highlights from class today was being able to talk with the CEO of Aeronics and the Pitt Innovation Institute. Both gave useful information on the potential of entrepreneurship at Pitt. I would have never known all of the programs, benefits, or general tips without hearing them speak. My interest in entrepreneurship is definitely peaked after today, changing my original belief that entrepreneurship was never a career I could see myself in.