7/25: Innovation within KPMG

Today was the last day of company tours in Pittsburgh.  This morning the class went to visit KPMG, a firm in the Big 4.  They are an accounting firm.  The first speaker highlighted his time oversees.  He mentioned the importance of being uncomfortable, and the unfamiliarity of new cultures.  This is a small example of how a worker needs to be adaptable and innovative for a company

The second presentation was overarching theme was the technological developments that KPMG is working on.  The presenters seemed proud of the new technology: ignition center which helped companies (KPMG’s clients) and the extreme amount data they have.  They said that this will save time and make the company more efficient.  The ignition center is an example of how innovation within a company can speed up production, making your firm more efficient, giving a competitive advantage.

I think as far as innovation goes comparing it to the other company’s, it remains on the same level.  EY, Google, Everyday Café a social enterprise, and KPMG are all very successful in what they do.  This means that all of the need to be innovative.  Firms that keep growing and creating a profit off of the new adaptions, then the company is innovative.

I would go upon being innovative as just keep thinking and acting.  In a way you need to be analytical and adaptive.  About a week ago Professor Lada taught us VUCA, volatile, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.  Just being ready and on your feet can help you foresee what is to be.  In addition, megatrends and incorporating them into your product or idea can help a company succeed and be innovative.