Day 10: Visiting Another Big Four

This morning, after a night full of Therapy Dogs, dumplings, and friends last night, we went to another Big Four accounting firm, KPMG, to finish our Pittsburgh company visits.  Within the Big Four firms, I noticed that even with the same kind of service, EY and KPMG showed unique differences. One key difference was the office culture. I felt that at EY, inner and outer office connection and network was highly emphasized while at KPMG, I didn’t feel as much connection between the departments, audit, tax, or advisory. However, KPMG emphasized more of the importance of international experience and key advice while traveling abroad. For example, Jim, the international experience speaker, informed us that he worked in the Moscow office for two years. While in Russia, he learned to have the perspective that everything is different and don’t look for the ‘blueprint’. Having a fixed mindset will be a set back for growing a global perspective and understanding of other people outside of the United States. He also stated that there is not much preparation, if any, prior to the day of arrival and that he found more similarities between people in central/east Europe and people here in the United States. I’ve traveled abroad numerous times and I am used to having cultural shocks everywhere I’ve been. After listening to him speak, I was put in the global and traveling mind set so I’m excited to head to Dublin as our departure is coming up in 3 days.

Additionally, innovation was a major target the past few days. Throughout our company visits, I saw how innovation affected all of the firms. For example, today, there was a bit of a talk about incorporating robots into work. I think this is an innovation in a way that humans are benefiting and is a change with in a workplace. I believe that in innovation, it comes with efficiency and by using robots to take over mundane work, workers are then able to focus on the more important and crucial work.