Social Entrepreneurship

Today’s guest speakers were awesome. I loved listening to all three. In particular Dr. Griffin-El was fascinating. The work she’s done abroad is incredible and it was heart-warming to learn about the work she’s done here in the US for children around the Pittsburgh area. I especially enjoyed hearing about the work inspired by her son’s speech impediment. Her efforts were wonderful reflections of the positive change enacted by social entrepreneurship. The time she spent with us today has definitely inspired me to take a closer look at what I can contribute positively to my own community.

I also enjoyed the cultural contrasts offered by Hillary. The nuances of different lifestyles around the world is something I’ve never considered, but is vitally important. The case study we examined about Brazilian versus American business and lifestyle practices offered a perspective I’ve never before investigated. Her presentation today was incredibly informative and I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to learn about contrasting values before leaving for Dublin, Ireland!

Our last presenter of the day was my favorite. Dr. Jones was one of the most captivating speakers I’ve listened to and he has me thrilled to be taking his Organizational Behavior class. The personality test we took today was so much fun! I was a blue; described as an empathetic hard worker, but someone you definitely do not want to cross. It was surprisingly accurate test result! It was really exciting to know what everyone else in the class identified as. I think knowing these results will definitely help with the rest of the group work we must accomplish in Dublin, Ireland.

I’m counting down the days to Saturday!