Charge! To Ireland

Yay for Friday! Today is our last day in Pittsburgh since tomorrow we will be leaving for Ireland! The class started off the day by presenting our pitches in front of each other and a judge panel. My team was well-prepared to present our product, Charge!, to everyone, and our presentation slides were my favorite part because they looked professional and aesthetically pleasing. As a team, I think we performed well, and I am proud of our work and glad to have gotten through the presentation feeling good. After having done two presentations so far, I realize preparation is most important. “Winging it” is not my style. I was not as prepared for my first presentation as I was for the one this morning, and I think that was visible. Presentation skills, such as we’ve been practicing, are crucial for any field. I plan to keep improving my skills as I am sure I will continue giving presentations in college classes, so that I can be better prepared for my future in the business world. Strong communication is key, and it is essential to be able to share ideas in clear detail. One day, when I am at my first internship, I want to make a good impression and prove my skills to the company to get them to consider me as a potential hire. I want them to see leadership and teamwork abilities, but also skills in presentation and communication. I want to be viewed as a composed, professional individual that brings value to the table. I hope that I can also leave this Innovation Blitz project with a higher recognition of the significance of innovation and become more forward-looking.

Our guest speaker, after our presentations, was Nancy, a real expert in the supply chain. She explained that quality is not only about the product but also the operations and sales. The idea is to integrate an efficient operation and smooth sales so that client departments will not complete projects themselves, and they still need to go through a larger company. Process enhancement and change, in general, takes persistence. After years of running an operation the same way, it may be hard to get people to accept the thought of finding another way to do things. This makes it necessary to have the ability of handling conflict professionally. Overall, today, we gained insight into the topics of the operations management course we will soon take. Now we have the basic knowledge and concepts to be able to dive deeper into the class.

Alright, that’s a wrap in Pittsburgh; See you later in Ireland!