Social Entrepreneurship

For a change, we stayed within class and had guest lectures throughout the day. As a class we discussed social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility. These concepts are similar and name, but are different in the areas they address. Social entrepreneurship is an approach taken by organizations, where they prioritize the well being of their environment and use it as a measure of success, while corporate social responsibility is a facet of an organization that addresses how that company interacts with their community. Our first guest speaker, Dr. Griffin-EL, discussed the importance of social entrepreneurship, and how poverty is deeper than an economic issue. She defined social entrepreneurship as the “process involving the innovative use and combination of resources to pursue opportunities to catalyze social change and/or address social needs.” I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation because it helped me visualize how social entrepreneurs run their businesses.

Afterwards, the class discussed transferable skills and how they related to our strengths from the StrengthFinder results. I connected the skill of Confidence and strength of Competitive in that you need Confidence to support a competitive attitude. Without confidence, one cannot fully activate their Competitive side.

Then, Pitt’s very own Dr. Jones visited and elaborated on the ideas of leadership alongside these transferable skills. We took a True Colors personality test and analyzed the results. Between blue, orange, gold and green, orange and blue resonated with my personality the most, orange being the slightly more dominant color. Orange represented someone who was competitive, outgoing, and optimistic. I believe this truly represented who I am as a person, and I look to develop traits such as adaptability, flexibility and my confidence to match my strengths.