7/26: Social Entrepreneurs

Today before lunch we spoke to Dr. Elida W. Griffen who has made a wonderful impact on social entrepreneurship. I found the idea of social entrepreneurship very more similar to traditional entrepreneurships than I thought going into today. I always thought of the stereotype of non-profit organization being donating excess money to charity. But that is false. Social entrepreneurships would flame out if they did not make a profit, as they need make money to make a change. Social Entrepreneurships are not-for-profit, meaning that they very much are a corporation, but the difference being is they are starting up a company to sustain long-term social change.

Besides talking about Social Entrepreneurships, the class also discussed companies CSR. CSR is a way for corporations to give back to the world. Yesterday when we (the class) visited KPMG, there CSR was giving back to the community was through building schools in Pittsburgh area. That is a wonderful CSR, however, since they are an accounting firm, I feel that they should be focused on their specialties, which is what CSR3 is. For example, they could save money for social entrepreneurs. But ultimately a company’s CSR is not their main focus, which is a key differential between a company’s CSR and a social enterprise.

Finally, another professor, Dr. Ray Jones, who teaches CPLE spoke to us. He is a charismatic guy. We took a personality test (MTBI) and found what are colors were. I am a hybrid between green and orange, both numbers were at 17, which is fairly high. I found it strange how I got two colors, although after thinking about it, those two colors are both clearly me. In a way Dr. Jones activity taught me about leadership and being analytical. I think me pushing my confidence forward by thinking new and differently can help me problem solve social issues, and perhaps be a social entrepreneur.