Winding Down

I can’t believe there are only about 2 weeks left of my time in Dublin. I know it may sound bad but I have already started to mentally check out. I have begun to prepare for the fall at Pitt. It has become more of my main focus.

This is a shame because I’m lucky enough to be on this study abroad experience but am not living in the moment. At the same time, however, I don’t think its always bad to be looking ahead. I’m really excited to get started back at school which I never thought I would feel before and I think I have this study abroad to thank for that.

Maybe part of the reason I went on this experience was to chase something but, in reality, everything I want is back at home. This experience, while I have loved it, has also made me strangely fall in love with home even more. When I first began this study abroad experience that was definitely not an outcome I was expecting. But I guess things never happen exactly like you expect them to!