Social Butterfly

Finding a balance of being socially minded and aiding the community while attempting to gain a profit to stay alive and retain the ability to help is a challenge. The intersection in corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, and ethics is that balance. Corporate social responsibility is a management strategy that includes social, moral, and ethical responsibilities to the public. Social entrepreneurship is an entity seeking a result; the goal is to create value in new ways and emphasize social impact. By adding “social” to both of these terms includes the expectation that there is a vision of transformative change in addition to making profit and providing for the shareholders. The implied connection is that social entrepreneurs embed corporate social responsibility into their business models to have a more concentrated focus on economic and societal growth.

After lunch, we had several visitors, the last one being Dr. Ray Jones. He is a Pitt professor and a coordinator for the Certificate Program in Leadership and Ethics. The program is focused on gaining experience based learning by working on real case studies with real clients. It is a step outside from the normal classroom to provide an opportunity that is authentic and very useful. To learn about our own personalities and leadership traits, we took the True Colors Personality Type test. I discovered I have a gold personality type, which means I am punctual, organized and precise. I like to to follow schedules and meet deadlines, but I may be rigid about plans and end up frustrating my teammates who may not be Golds like me. Although my personality has strong leadership skills, I still need the skills from others to be effective in a project. I need to learn to work with other personalities, and understand that my teammates have different personalities and work styles. As a team, we need to positively balance each other out and make the differences our strengths. Again, with the balance, it would be good to have different personalities working in social entrepreneurships together to gain all perspectives so that they can reach all their goals in the best process. Considering the skills I personally want to build on, I want to improve my natural qualities and then build on ones, such as inspiration, empathy, and ingeniousness.