Blitz by Innovation Once Again

Today marks our last day in Oakland until we return for the beginning of the school year, and it’s crazy how fast time has flown and how close I’ve become with my classmates. I can’t wait to go to Dublin and see what else this program has to offer us.

This morning we presented our final pitches as a group to the panel of judges that consisted of representatives within the business school. While I was still very nervous leading up to the presentation, I feel like I have gained much more confidence than before when it comes to presenting in front of an entire room of people. Knowing that I had to do well for my team made me a lot more focused in my presentation and I think that helped me a lot. The skills that I have learned from this project are skills that can be transferred to any facet of the business world. Being able to communicate is vital to one’s success in the business world, so getting the opportunity to use those skills, even in a small setting, makes a big difference going forward. In addition, the team aspect of the project was a crucial aspect that can be carried into the business field, because people within firms always have to work together for the company to succeed.

As a whole, the pitch assignment was extremely beneficial for me. It gave me insight into what being an entrepreneur is like, and it allowed me to branch out and get creative in order to come up with a business idea that might actually work. I’m excited to see what other learning opportunities Pitt Business has to offer me in the future.