The Last Hoorah

Today marked the final day of the Woodcock Global Honors Fellowship in Pittsburgh. Tomorrow, we will be off to Dublin, Ireland to catch our first glimpse of European business mechanisms.

This morning, my group and I pitched our product, StageShare, to the class and the three judges. Before you continue reading, I want to give a disclaimer that I described our presentation in broad terms throughout this blog. Our final pitch is on August 10th, so we will be modifying every aspect of the pitch starting now until the final due date.

Overall, I believe our pitch went extremely well; our invention was understood by the group, our slides were easy to read, and all three members (including myself) spoke smoothly and confidently. We captured the attention of the judges by making our product simplistic, and versatile.

After giving two presentations, I feel much more comfortable in front of my peers in the MCE class. During my first pitch, my nerves definitely got to me, but in today’s pitch, I  felt comfortable and confident with my portion of the presentation. After today’s presentation, I was energized; I definitely want to capitalize off of my outgoing personality and practice my presentation skills. I think our group’s personalities blended the best and therefore added to the chemistry of our pitch; I felt that other groups had trouble with their team chemistry, as their friction pleasure was pretty high and sometimes made it hard to cooperate. Sometimes groups focus too much on the details and get stuck in rigid flow system environments during presentations; our team was successful in focusing on the big picture and how it will affect the global community.

The innovation blitz helped me practice critical speaking skills, and problem-solving skills. The pitch required me to develop a strong argument for why our product solves a real-world problem. However, the research and development to get to that stage involved critical thinking and problem-solving skills to make a product that would suit the needs of the current market. We used our entrepreneurial minds to add multiple methods of use to our product.

Overall, I enjoyed the day and am excited to start my journey in Ireland. Signing off, Pittsburgh, see you on the other side.82a54946-d47f-4d2b-90d7-6a89db242726