From Pitches to Pitches

The weeks becomes days becomes hours.

If I didn’t know that we spent two weeks in Pittsburgh, I would’ve guessed that we were almost done with first semester. It feels like our small band has been together for months and I have confidence that the addition of an international experience will make it seem like a lifetime. I am excited to experience the world with my peers, my friends, and to have made all of these connections prior to true university life.

Today was the day of our capstone project for Pittsburgh, the group extension of the top three products from the Innovation Blitz earlier this week. Despite having an effective presentation at the previous pitch, our team decided to build from the ground up. As much as I liked the graphics and layout of the original, the new PowerPoint was a massive upgrade. It came together extremely well and we worked well as a unit. I feel that the pitches have helped me to grow a lot in my communication skills. These will be invaluable in my future endeavors, whether it be applying for a job or working as an intern. I also feel that I have learned how to do better research for making risky decisions.

It was interesting to see the similarities and differences between the three teams. While Teams ViewFinder and StageShare focused on adapting to the needs of the consumer, Team Charge!, or K-PAW & Co as they preferred to be called, were a rigid flow system. Neither is right nor wrong, but I personally prefer the concept of escaping perfect competition through product differentiation rather than process enhancement.

We have one more presentation for our companies/products at the end of our time in Dublin, as well as a large paper. I am ready for the challenge ahead and I know that my team will excel as they already have. We’ve defined the company, now it is time to fully explore the industry and truly learn about managing in complex environments.

For now, we will be going to the Pirates game and then to the airport.