Pirates and Pitches

Two weeks have come and gone as we reached our last full day in Pittsburgh. It feels like I have known this group for so long even though it has only been a short amount of time. I have said this to the group at least a dozen times, but it still does not feel like we will be in Ireland tomorrow. I cannot begin to describe the excitement I have for the next two weeks ahead. I have already made many tight bonds with everyone thus far, so it should be great to be with my friends and further our relationships during Ireland.

As our last full day in Oakland, we presented our second pitch for StageShare. I was incredibly impressed with James, Micah, and myself. It was really exciting to see them as engaged and interested in the product as I was, it really felt like a great team atmosphere. I can definitely see improvements of confidence in myself that changed from the first pitch to the one today. Confidence and communication abilities are transferable and useful in almost every future career, especially in a business field. I am not usually one to be extremely confident in this type of setting, so it was useful to work on my skills which will be necessary for my future jobs or internships. With these traits of confidence and communication, it is more likely to take risks and bring conflict because you can ensure what you’re saying is accurate.

I felt as though my current skills are very applicable to the lesson Nancy taught us today. Taking a dive into supply change management, we were able to see all the aspects that go into giving a product to a buyer. I have always been interested in managing because I have strong organization skills, so it was very interesting to hear what she does to help solve the conflict and create efficiency.

With all of the lessons we have been through during our time in MCE, I am anticipating to see how these will transfer to business in Ireland. Having never taken a business course before, it was great to learn the basics of the field as well as the challenges faced. As we take on the next chapter of our trip, I hope to gain as much (if not more) information and bonding experiences that I have received so far.