Culture Shock?

One of the biggest things that has surprised me so far is culture shock, or the lack thereof. It wasn’t that big of a surprise when I got here since a majority of people in Ireland speak English, and it is pretty similar to the states (but better). Everyone told me that it would set in later and that it would hit me eventually. One of my colleagues at work is from Hungry, studies in Amsterdam, and has worked in Ireland the past 6 months, and she said it would hit about mid-summer, but it never did. I guess that is because even though I am almost 4,000 miles away from home, there are a lot of similarities between Ireland and the states. There are noticeable differences, but not enough to make me feel out of place or not comfortable. I am curious to see if I’ll have more of a shock when I go back to the states after having such a routine here.

I am going to miss work a lot. I really enjoy work and all the people I work with. They respect me and the other interns so much and trust us with serious responsibilities. They treat us like full time employees (too bad we aren’t paid like them) and they listen to our opinions. It was interesting because my boss was on holiday this past week, so it was a lot of us taking over. We still had someone supervising us but were on ourselves for a good part of the week. I’m excited to see how I can apply what I have learned at this internship to the next one. I hope to have another internship this fall or spring semester before my next full time one next summer. This summer has also taught me that I think I want to move around a decent bit before I settle down in life and my career. I hope to be in Boston next summer. It is one of my favorite cities and I would love to experience more of it. There are also a lot of good opportunities up there.

I don’t know where my future career will take me, but I am really excited for the journey. I am already so lucky to have had the experiences I have had, and I can’t wait to see where it will take me. Either way, I know that this internship will help me incredibly in my future career.