Dublin: Day 1

Our first day in Dublin was incredible! Though jet-lagged beyond belief we had the most amazing time exploring the city today.

The start, the people beyond welcoming. They are friendly and sweet and could not have left a better first impression on myself and the group. Everyone we met today welcomed us with open arms and helped us navigate this unfamiliar city.

On our walking tour, led by Brad and Liz, we strolled through the neighborhood immediately surround Griffith College, we explored the Temple Bar district, and we trekked through the heart of downtown Dublin. We saw the tourists hotspots, the beautiful architecture, and were even treated to famous Butler’s chocolates. It was a blast!

It comparison to Pittsburgh, Dublin is definitely different. The feeling of the city is more slow paced and its residents are certainly nicer! I definitely prefer Ireland to Pennsylvania and it is only the first day! The way visitors are treated makes the most profound initial impression on me and Dublin is certainly superior in that regard. Though I am a “typical American” tourist, I felt nothing but warmth and respect from the Irish community. This is a change from the hostility that can sometimes arise in American cities.

This deep-seated camaraderie was highlighted in our Cultural Smart book and it certainly holds true. The people here are absolutely amazing and because of them my experience thus far has been exceptional. I cannot wait for what the tour tomorrow has in store and I am itching to explore the city further!

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