“Dia Dhuit” from Dublin

After the longest day of my life yesterday, today was a great refresher. A good night’s rest got rid of any of the jet lag remnants within me. Today was a full day of exploring the city of Dublin, and it was amazing seeing all the prestigious sites and attractions that it has to offer.

We started the day off with a walking tour of the south side of the city with our tour guide, Tim. Tim happens to be a historian and has his graduate school degree in Irish history, so it was really cool getting to learn all the historical facts about the landmarks and buildings we were visiting in Dublin. For example, the Lady of Justice at the Dublin castle is extremely ironic due to the fact that she’s not even facing out towards the city to represent justice, and the scale that she is holding doesn’t remain balanced. We were also able to see how the modern parts of Dublin contrasted with the archaic parts of the city. Dublin has tried to maintain its historical structures in an attempt to maintain the culture of the city, however some of it has been transformed over time. The most prominent example of the modernization within the city is the City Council building. Rather than keeping the medieval architecture that resides around the rest of the city, the City Council made it extremely modern, resulting in a tons of backlash around Dublin. On the other hand, though, the Temple Bar area has been a way for the people of Dublin to revive their culture and the community feeling of the city, resulting in major benefits economically, as well as socially. In addition, there are many rigid flow systems around Dublin, with all of the canals and rivers that encircle the city, so it’s no wonder that Dublin has become a business hub for Ireland.

Dublin has been an overall impressive city to say the least. The culture and atmosphere that’s present within the city is so cool to experience, and getting to learn about the history that goes along with all of it is especially interesting. I’m excited to immerse myself even more deeply in the city in the weeks to come.