Hurling? Hurling!

Throughout my entire time in Ireland I have been fascinated by their traditional Gaelic games. Most sports are universal but it was so cool to find out that not only does Ireland have its own traditional games, but that they also have massive support and an impressive following.

When we first arrived, we also got an opportunity to go to a center thats mission was to educate and share the experience of traditional Irish sports with people. During the afternoon we were there we got to practice hurling and gaelic football. It was here that I learned about Croke Park, the impressive stadium in Dublin that hosted traditional Gaelic sporting events. Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to win tickets to a semi-final hurling match between Galway and Claire.

The entire experience was amazing. It was great to take part in a pastime that locals truly enjoyed and were proud of. Everyone was just so excited and passionate about their teams. I also loved the opportunity to learn about a new sport that I otherwise probably would never have been exposed to.