Procrastination in a Foreign Nation

This week I worked on my assignment for work but it dawned on me how little time I have left in the summer. After everything I have done, learned, and experienced there was one thing that still loomed over me. A paper, 16 pages on a topic I had researched and outlined but procrastinated on working on. Though I had the weekend to work on it I knew I would be able to catch up on this workload. This weekend I spent in isolation at my desk typing what I could and researching what information I lacked. Come Monday I managed to have put together 12 of the 16 pages in a way that makes sense. I should be able to finish the rough draft of the entire paper by Tuesday. That is the goal for now but I have now hit a wall and I am still afraid I may fail and not finish in time or miss something important before I leave. This is the most stressful week I’ve had in a while.

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