7/31: Day 3 Ireland, Dr. Daren Kelley and Google

Today was a wonderful and interesting day.  I learned a lot from Dr. Daren Kelley, our guest speaker, who had an amazing story of what now I learned is “Celtic Tiger.”  I have read about the success story of Dublin, but Dr. Daren Kelley gave a deeper reason of why it occurred.  They made investments in education to get more Irish people to specialized schools.

But one thing that shouldn’t be underestimated for the rise of the Irish economy is their culture.  Irish workers are taught to find the answer and prove its existence, not give the answer.  Another anecdote that Dr. Kelley gave was how Irish pick college students for jobs.  One key fact in the story was the person that was picked did not gave the best grades or most impressive interview but was able to differentiate themselves and had the ability to connect to the interviewee.  The importance of soft skills is crucial in life and in business.

After Daren spoke to us, he took us to the Docklands where all of the biggest tech companies are located in Dublin.  Dr. Kelley informed us that all the impressive buildings where these huge corporations are located have been there for only 10 years.  I find that crazy as I am older than these buildings.

Around four we left Dr. Kelley and entered Google.  Unfortunately we were not able to tour the Googleplex but of what I saw, it looked incredible.  I saw major differences in attitude between Google Dublin and Google Pittsburgh.  Google Dublin was moving and seemed more active.  In addition Steven, who gave the tour included multiple paths to get to the top (or in this case Google) but the variable that all employees had in common was the ability to solve problems.  So growing my soft skills is the biggest thing I can takeaway from this day.  But I learned a lot more than that.