Headcase and the competition

Happy to report I served as a brand ambassador for a music festival happening this weekend, which I am even happier to report Headcase is providing me with tickets for!  I loved the experience of just getting out on the street and talking to anybody and everybody. I’ll make sure to keep you posted on how the festival goes next weekend.

Time to give my mandated industry analysis! As Headcase is a creative media and marketing company, our main product is media production and experiential marketing events. Our competition in eye-catching and innovative experiential marketing techniques is substantial, with multiple companies coming up before Headcase’s third page search position when researching experiential marketing. Our street art division which is used in the creation of large hand-painted murals faces steep competition (which I am afraid to say we might be on the losing side of) to a local street art group. They have a large social media presence due to their work for social causes which allows them to pull forward in publicity. Fortunately, Headcase is the only company in Ireland with the Ecocabs media format (more on that in previous posts), and this positions us favorably when standing out in the decision making process of media buying companies. Although we are by no means the largest marketing firm in Dublin, we do find ourselves at full capacity working alongside media buying companies and direct interactions with clients.

A large challenge is finding innovative media formats which can be executed in a budget conscious manner. Our location in Ireland also lends itself to the issue as a large amount of suppliers for engagement mechanics and props are UK based and will either not deliver to Ireland or the cost brings us above our budget. We solved this by bringing on a computer scientist in order to custom build each mechanic as necessary for a campaigns needs. Headcase’s value proposition promises a campaign driven by creativity originality, drawing the eye of Dublin’s bustling city streets, and we strive to accomplish that goal.