Breaking Free

Dr. Darren Kelly, a professor associated with CAPA, is a knowledgeable man of the Irish history and its effects on the people and the culture. Being ruled by England for eight hundred years really had its impact on Ireland. For one, this part of history is why the people speak English instead of Irish as the primary language. Additionally, the reason for the Irish being so friendly is due to their history. To them, Englanders were rude and brash, so when Ireland gained their independence, the people did not want to act in the same demeanor. This can explain the simple things in Irish life, such as the inability to hang up the phone on someone so quickly or the inability to accept a compliment. In Ireland, doing those would come off as selfish and impolite. In the business world, it is important to have emotional intelligence so that I can empathize and understand other cultures. I need the cultural competency to avoid offending any international partners. Rather than experiencing cognitive dissonance, I should change and adapt my perspective of the world. It is better to understand the cultural differences instead of just being uncomfortable and confused by them.

Back to the history of the country, England portrayed the Irish as less than human, uncivil, animalistic, and Godless to justify their taking over of the land. The English also withheld industrialization from entering Ireland; they wanted to keep the country as a second-world culture. People viewed the country as a step back in time because it never grew with the rest of the world. However, this all changed when Ireland became independent. New industries started popping up, and eventually, the economy was booming. Now, Ireland is a leading country where many top businesses are looking to settle their headquarters. Why is this? The corporate tax rate is only 12.5% which is the main attraction. In addition, businesses appreciate the highly skilled set of workers. Ireland has a strong economy, due to breaking free from England, that any company would be lucky to partner with.