Dublin: Games and Gals

Today was absolutely amazing.

We started the day on Croke Field. Our tour guide was a Gaelic football player who knew everything and anything about the GA games. He told us all about the sustainable efforts the stadium had in place, resulting a 0% waste production (everything is recycled around the city). He spoke passionately about the motivators behind the Gaelic Games. Because the players do not receive salaries, the game seems much more pure. The nonexistent focus on money definitely makes the game a cultural bond within the country of Ireland, it feels much more respectable than sports in the United States.

Our second site visit of the day was to the Irish Times. Our host spoke to us about the many ventures the Times has embarked on in order to stay afloat and relevant in an age where print in dying. Our guide discussed the Times’ subscriptions, its purchasing of other websites, and its prevalence within the Irish community.

Our third and final site visit of the day was to Davy. Davy is a wealth management firm with a focus of charitable contributions and private capital. There were three speakers we met with: Niall, Mara, and Susan. Susan absolutely BLEW me away. She was intelligent beyond belief with a knowledge of business that far exceeded my expectations. I feel like I really connected with her. Her eyes lit up when she discussed seizing opportunities for young people and her eagerness to help all people succeed was awe-inspiring. I feel so motivated for the future because of her!

We ended the day with a trip to the local pub. Us girls went together and bonded over Irish Stew and fish and chips. A perfect end to a great day!