8/2 Day 5 Ireland: Calculation of the Population because Globalization

Unfortunately today we did not have site visits.  But I want to reflect on the idea of globalization since I am in a different country after all.  Globalization in its basic sense is the sharing of ideas, culture, etc. across the world.  It is meant to reduce barriers that previously stopped ideas from flowing internationally.  I personally believe that globalization is a beneficial thing to the world.  As more heads come together, more ideas start forming and which lead to better end results.

However I do understand some negative consequences to globalization.  Because of globalization, richer and more economically developed nations can take advantage of poorer ones.  This occurs with trading as first world nations get bargain discounts from third world.  The end result being the rich get richer.  Another downside of globalization is people in countries can lose their jobs.  An example of this is in America.  Big corporations move their headquarters to save money because labor cost may be cheaper internationally.  The result is jobs get transferred overseas, making America lose jobs in the process.  I personally do not believe that this is all too bad because what we lose in low paying jobs we gain with more high paying ones.

In Ireland you can definetly tell that globalization benefitted them.  When I went down to the docklands, so many tech companies have European headquarters.  This brings in more money and higher paying jobs to the country.  Globalization is a cause of these firms to move here because of the ease to spread information and ideas all while saving money.  These high tech firms move to Ireland knowing that they had a small population because of corporate taxes.  And with globalization the companies can make meetings with ease.  A consequence of this is a high rate of living for those who haven’t been affected by the globalization wave.