Day 18: Globalization

Today, we spent the day listening to two lecturers and working on our final report. The weather looked very nice and it was actually very warm but we spent the majority of the day inside.

We have spent five days in Dublin so far and I have definitely seen how globalization has affected/impacted Ireland specifically Dublin. As we have learned from Dr. Kelly couple days ago, major international companies and corporations that are based in the United States are headquartered here in Dublin mainly because of the tax rate and highly skilled workforce. These American companies, for example, Google, would not be in Dublin if they did not operate on a global scale. Not just Google but the signpost of globalization in Ireland is most certainly the Docklands. Because business has become border less and Ireland showed tremendous economic recovery by changing its fiscal policy, the Docklands exists with major companies.

While globalization, at a glance, seems to be only beneficial, I can see why it may be seen negatively. For example, globalization has put numerous headquarters in Dublin. This leads to an increase in employment which also increases residency in the urban and surrounding suburban and metropolitan areas. Because the demand in real estate dramatically increases, the prices will exceedingly rise. As Dr. Kelly said, the price for a one bedroom apartment has significantly and unexpectedly rose in a matter of a decade. This, which applies to most but depending on one’s disposable income, can be very financially burdensome. One can also argue that the culture of a country can be taken away with globalization. I have not seen or experienced that in Ireland yet; however, I have experienced this in Japan where I felt that the culture has been lost. For example, I felt that people’s will to socially harmonize has significantly diminished within the past decade. People are becoming more independent and have gain more of a western perspective. I personally do not view this change as neither good or bad; but I think it is interesting to see the effects and impacts of globalization beyond the business perspective.

Lastly, tourism, I believe, has increased tremendously in Ireland. Dr. Kelly said that years ago, he never saw any diversity amongst the people or the culture but now that is no longer a thought that crosses anyone’s mind in Ireland. Even though Ireland has welcomed immigrants from all over the world, its own culture has remained the same. In my opinion, because more people know about Ireland now and is a booming country because of the impact of globalization, more and more people come to Ireland for vacation to experience its own unique culture which in return benefits the tourism industry.

Even though I feel like I learned a lot, I know there is more to learn each and every day. Tomorrow, we are taking a break from the city life and heading to a full day excursion to Cliffs of Moher!