8/4: The Mouth of Howth

Today we went to the fishing village suburb of Dublin Ireland, Howth.  What I saw was pure beauty.  We did a cliff hike along the water which was superb.  The water was blue, so perfect.  A little part of me just wanted to jump off the cliff and into the water, not having a worry in the world.  The terrain of the cliffs was something to be noticed.  The plants looked prehistoric if that makes sense.  I was disappointed when we had to turnback because I love the outdoors and exploring.  Hopping along, I am in my own world.  I was like a dog off its leash, running back and forth seeing as many sights as possible.  But yet I was in peace with nature.

The economic development of Howth I am sure flourished because of the cliff.  With out the cliffs it would be a common fishing village (I assume) with great food, at a low price.  But because of the cliffs you have a cute little market, these beautiful shops with nice clothing, a golf shop (which I was excited about), and over-priced food.

The only regrets I have is not getting as close to the edge for the epic thrill of things and not exploring more. But it is really unfair for me to complain about it as I am lucky enough to see these majestic views in the first place. But I know in time I will get back to cliffs and see more and get closer to the edges.