Day 19: Howth Day

Today, we rode the Dart (train) for the first time to go to a city called Howth. It was an off the shore city that had very unique scenery. The Howth station was bright yellow with beautiful flower pots everywhere. Then we walked to the Market where I bought a Claddagh Ring. We came back to the Market after our long hike to the cliff. Then I came across an herbal tea stand where I learned that the stand’s tea, mostly herbs, came from Greece. Looking around the Market, there were stands that sold Columbian food, Chinese food, American candy, and this tea stand. The diversity in the stand, in my opinion, draws in more consumers to the Market and because the tourism is consistently increasing in Ireland, the Market thrives with profit everyday from tourists like us.

After we enjoyed looking through the Market, we headed to a hiking trail up to the top of the cliff. The hike was outstandingly the most beautiful walks I have ever done. The view just kept getting better and better the higher up we went. It was surprisingly very hot and sunny today but the view was worth the sweat. The path was very narrow and with no caution, someone could have gotten hurt but thankfully, no one face-planted. My favorite part of the hike was the rocks we took a quick break at. This certain place, we heard the waves crashing into the cliff and the breeze was nothing but refreshing. I could have sat there in tranquility for hours. Then the last spurt to the Summit was a very steep hill but we made it through. We could see the Docklands from the view from the very top. Throughout the hike, like yesterday, I heard many languages amongst the hikers which indicates that the tourism in Ireland is nothing but a success.

Today felt like summer since we were by the ocean with actual summer heat and the beaming sun. I will always be appreciative of Ireland’s natural beauty that never fails to take my breath away. Tomorrow, we are headed for a Gaelic football game which we are all stoked about.