Scenery by the Sea

Ireland’s beauty never ceases to amaze me. With just a short bus and train ride, we left the city of Dublin once more as we ventured to a small seaside town of Howth. As soon as we stepped out of the station I could smell the ocean, hear the seagulls, and see the waves crash against the cliffs.

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I really enjoyed walking around the Howth Market, where there was plenty of food and artisan vendors. I devoured a lemon, butter, and sugar crepe and then bought some beautiful jewelry. Having this market was certainly advantageous for the small town as it provided a shopping experience and site for tourists to stop. Seeing this in terms of economic development, it allowed for tourists and locals to interact, while bringing in revenue. There were both touristy shops, food venues, and local artisans to buy from, and down the street were further restaurants and shops. Howth’s location and atmosphere may draw people to the town, but it is the businesses established there that can be proactive with their stakeholders to profit from it. It had a small-town feel that was perfect for a day excursion out of the city.

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Unlike yesterday, as the day went on the sun appeared and brought the heat with it. I regretted wearing jeans and no sunscreen. Otherwise, there was a cool breeze as we took a nice, long hike along the Irish coast. As we climbed upwards, the views became even more breathtaking. In the distance, you could see small islands that were silently soaking up the sun. Underneath us, we saw people jumping into the water from small rocks, and of course, we cheered them on. Once we reached the summit, I no longer felt tired, but in peace, taking in the magnificent scenery around me. Off into the distance were views of the city edge and even the Docklands. It truly was worth the hike, just as Brad had promised. The walk down through the residential neighborhood made me envy the people living in such a prime location. Once we arrived back to the market area, I made sure to get some much-needed, cold gelato. Then it was back to Dublin.

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It was nice to have a change of pace for the day, and really enjoy the landscape of the coast. On top of that, the beautiful weather made me appreciate it all so much more. Today was one of those days where I really feel so fortunate to be a part of this world and have the opportunity to explore it and all it has to offer.

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