Hiking in Howth

Today was another great day to experience the nature and beauty of Ireland. Not too far from Dublin, we traveled to a small seaside town called Howth. I really enjoyed Howth because it reminded me very much of my home with the beach. From the calm of the water and the smell of the sea, it was refreshing to be back in a beach town.

After arriving, our group spent a good portion of our time in a little vendors market. Filled with food and crafters, it was interesting to see how this market differed from Galway. With crepes in hand, our group headed toward our next location in Howth, the summit climb.

Although we viewed the Cliffs yesterday, today was a different view because we had to hike our way along the hills. The site was beyond worth the journey. Most of us were saying the water was bluer than we could have imagined. The path took us up to the top of the summit, it was incredible to view the height we reached. Again, it was amazing to see the magnitude of our place in Ireland. The country never ceases to amaze me with its stunning views and rich culture.

After returning to the main city in Howth, Paige and I went to get fish and chips (for maybe the third time?). In addition to the views, leaving the fish and chips of Ireland behind will be one of the things I miss the most.  It was great to see another small town full of beauty and life, even if it not as big as Dublin. Seeing the small and hidden wonders of Ireland is one of the reasons I came on the trip and I really felt I experienced that today.