How is Howth?

Ireland surprised me yet again. Never once had I expected to see such beautiful blue water on the coast of a quaint village. Howth is a suburb of Dublin, Ireland that has a wonderfully green peninsula helping form the boundary of Dublin Bay. Along the path to the peninsula, where the white lighthouse stands, was a rocky hiking trail. Today the class traveled to Howth and walked the cliffside trail. We hiked to the summit of the cliffs and enjoyed the views on the way, including the lighthouse in the distance. The beautiful blue water of the ocean swayed steadily against the rocks. The higher altitude we went, the more peaceful the environment became. These cliffs were completely different than the Cliffs of Moher. For one, it was a sunny day today so everything shined more brightly and lit up beautifully. Secondly, the Cliffs of Moher were packed with so many tourists; it was a very popular site. These cliffs at Howth were not as crowded or popular; instead, it was a completely different scene. Howth is location to stay for awhile at, while the Cliffs of Moher are a one-time visit. At Howth, there are neighborhoods around the coast and cliffs. Rent a house or hotel, eat at the cafes, go boating on the ocean, or jump off the smaller cliffs. All of these possibilities draw in tourists to stay and enjoy all that Howth has to offer, which brings more money into the economy. The peace, the ocean, the hiking trails; if I were looking for a vacation spot, Howth would be a high-listed option.