The Dublin Diary: Food for Thought

A week from today, I will be on an airplane heading back to New York and my summer abroad will somehow have ended.  To say the least, I am not ready to leave Ireland, but I know I’ll be back.  I have learned so much, met some amazing people, and ate some amazing food.   So here’s some of the food I’ve ate and some of the thought’s I’ve had while in Ireland.IMG_5684

The people in Ireland are so kind and welcoming.  You can sit down next to anyone and they will strike up a conversation to get to know you. Even if it’s just in a park and not an overly social environment.  It was really easy to adjust to a life in Ireland because the people made it welcoming and it was nice that they spoke English.


Traveling is significantly easier when you’re already in Europe which is why I have been able to see some amazing places.  I never thought I would be leaving this summer having visited Spain, Iceland, and Germany – but here we are!  It is so interesting to see how different every country is despite how close they are in relation to each other.  It would be like New York and Pennsylvania speaking two totally different languages one with an extremely open culture and the other closed off.


Trying new things isn’t actually that scary.  I used to be very set in my ways and would usually be uncomfortable trying new things.  However, since being in Ireland I have realized that stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things and just having unforgettable experiences is what studying abroad is all about.


My time in Ireland has really been amazing and I am so grateful to have had this once in a lifetime experience.