Shanghai: The Finale


Reflecting upon my time in Shanghai, I have been thinking about arriving into the city on June 13th. It was immediate to me that I was in a different country, as people were speaking a language I didn’t understand, the difference in behavior, and the sheer size of the city. Arriving at night, I called a taxi to get to my university (east china normal university), and as I was driving I was constantly thinking about all the possible experiences that I was going to dive into, either positive or negative.

Fast forwarding to today August 4th, where I catch my 4pm flight back to the United States.

I can say that this was the most fitting way to end my college undergraduate career, studying in a different country, that hosts my last core supply chain class, while at the same time performing an internship in the country that is so concentrated in supply chain. I would like to thank Brian Schwartz and Kim Gilliland for making my learning experience in the classroom, and in the business world here in Shanghai fulfilling. Brian brought lessons that I have never learned before, and a real-world approach with case studies and articles that were conducive to China currently. Kim gave me marketing assignments to help build her company’s cleanliness products (writing articles, product research, etc.). Both of these tied in well, as I was able to use some of the information from class to work.

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Traveling to the surrounding cities was a great experience as well. Nanjing the former capital isn’t quite as big as Shanghai, but as great historical landmarks like the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, and Purple Mountain. Souzhou a little outside of Shanghai has an awesome canal waterway, and a shopping area. And Chongqinq is a big booming city like Shanghai, with great food (but really spicy).

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Now there are some downsides in China, mostly the restrictions with setting up a bank account, which restricts you to use their main E-commerce application Wechat Pay & Ali Pay. Along with the lack of clean drinking water, and always having to buy water bottles. Also the complications of securing an internship initially (I received my internship a week later due to complications explained in a previous post). The internet service also can be very unresponsive. But with all thingd considered those downsides are only a minor inconvenience in comparison to the great learning and cultural experience of living in another country, especially one as cool and diverse as China. I came out with a greater understanding, and appreciation for where I am in my life, and what is beyond the horizon.

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To end I would like to thank the University of Pittsburgh for sponsoring me through their International Scholarship program. It has been a truly great experience going to this university, and now that I have fulfilled my final two classes, and officially graduated, it couldn’t be more fitting that it was in Shanghai. Anyone who maybe reading this, and is considering studying abroad, but may have doubts let me be the first to tell you that it is worth the time and effort. Looking back later in my life, I can confidently say if I hadn’t participated in GBI Shanghai, I would have regretted it. Now that I am transitioning into the next phase of my life, I look forward to going into the job market, and this experience has only prepared me further.

Thank you! & Hail to Pitt!

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