A Week into Dublin

To end our first week in Dublin, we revisited Croke Park to watch a quarterfinal game of Gaelic Football between the hometown Dublin and Roscommon. The atmosphere was as exciting as Keon, our tour guide, said it would be. Most of the stands beyond our seats were filled with fans donning baby blue uniforms in support of Dublin. In the end, Dublin came out on top with a victory of  36 to 22 over Roscommon.

Reflecting back on our first day landing in Dublin until now, it’s easy to say time has flown. Throughout our different ventures, Ireland has lived up to be everything I expected it to be and more. In just a week, we were able to travel throughout both coasts of the country, see the rolling highlands and valleys, the small neighborhoods, the rich history and culture, and the wonderful, approachable groups of people that are lucky to call Ireland their home. The Garden of Remembrance, Cliffs of Moher, and Howth Head were all breathtaking in their individual ways. Alongside these destinations, the developing Docklands and overall business area of Ireland were fascinating to see as well. We have toured Google, the Irish Times, Davy Group, and were able to view Croke Park in a way that most others could not see. So far, the Davy Group visit has been my favorite, as they introduced ideas that we could take away and learn from instead of just pitching why it would be great to have a career within one of their departments.

In conclusion, I am very grateful for the opportunities and experiences provided by this program. I’m looking forward to the next week. where we will visit the Wicklow Mountains, other companies (such as Microsoft), and finish our business analyses for the product ideas that we had pitched in Pittsburgh.