Approaching the End

It is crazy to think I am going into my last week of work. I will only be in Ireland for 6 more days. I still don’t think this has hit me yet. Everything here has become so second nature that I don’t think about what bus I have to take, my favorite gelato place, or what pub I would like to go to. It has turned into my home and I’m not ready to leave yet. A week or so ago I thought I was ready to leave. I missed home, I missed my cats, and I missed my friends. But now that the date is so close, I am dreading leaving. The only thing that is going to make it a little easier is a lot of my friend who aren’t from Pitt have already left.

Three of the interns that I got really close to at work have already left or are leaving on Wednesday. Work won’t be the same without them. We built such a connection by working together and bonding over being in the same situation and working together. Even though Klaudia is from Hungry, Thibault is from France, Kenna is from Indianapolis, and Connor is from Colorado, we bonded over being in an unfamiliar country and sharing similar tasks at work.

One of the biggest technological and economic factors that effect are the different regulations regarding how we store client information and the way we make payments. Since we are a third party, we capture client’s payment and then pay the venues where the meeting or event takes place. Part of the payment to confirm the account is providing a photo ID and a lot of clients don’t realize that it is a legal requirement from the government. If they don’t understand it, it can potentially affect our business. Also, if the economy has any fluctuations it would greatly affect Meetingsbooker. If companies are being hit by a lower economy, they will try not to have as many meetings or conferences if they can avoid it. They will be more conservative with their spending and being more cost effective. Meetingsbooker is innovative through finding a niche in the market and exploring that area. We are constantly improving our website to set us apart from the few competitors we have.

Excited to see what my last week has in store. I am going to miss Dublin with my entire heart and will definitely be leaving a piece of it here.