Peace Out Prague!

I’m currently sitting in the Prague Airport writing this last blog post and thinking about my time in the Czech Republic. I’ve had a good couple of months in Prague and I’m so happy to have had this experience. I’ve spent the last two days at a hotel because my flight leaves today (monday) but I had to be out of my dorm on Saturday and it was nice to have these last few days to explore a little more.

This summer, my internship this consisted of contacting different businesses and organizations to create a relationship with them, writing blog posts about health, and researching ways to make my company’s presence more widespread. As a social work student, the lessons I learned at this internship will probably not directly help my future work, however, I can use the organization and writing skills I learned to help me in the future.

I’ve had a great summer but I’m so excited to go home (I’m not excited about the 12 hour journey back– layovers suck). To wrap up my experience here is an acrostic poem about Prague:

P- people all around the city center bustling through the streets to see the sights

R- Racing to catch the tram before the door closes and you have to wait another 15 minutes for the next one.

A- Almost dying of heat exhaustion bc there is no AC anywhere and temps were in the 90s (ok that was a little dramatic)

G- Getting a Trdelnik and enjoying it despite the fact that it’s not a traditional Czech pastry and is an overpriced tourist trap.

U- Using cash everywhere because it’s so much easier than having them run your card.

E- Everything about the Czech Republic is very cool and I’m going to miss this place so much