Touristy Things

To end our long weekend, the class did another all day excursion, this time to Glendalough and Kilkenny. Our first stop was at a sheep farm in Glendalough, where we got a peek into the farming industry in Ireland. We watched a demonstration of the farm dog herding the sheep. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to hold any of the baby lambs or even pet the adorable dogs, which took a strong sense of self control. A few minutes down the road, we stopped at the Glendalough Visitor Centre. We walked through an old patch of history as we toured a cemetery and a stone cathedral. The tour continued as the class hiked a trail to an open view of a magnificent lake in the valley of the Wicklow Mountains. Feeling extremely peaceful at the breathtaking sight, I forgot all about the business of the city. It was nice to take a break from Dublin by stepping outside of the crowded cobblestone streets to sit by a lake and feel the cool breeze. There were also a few food trucks to keep the belly full while enjoying the scenery, keeping the tourists as happy as can be. Our next stop on the excursion was Kilkenny. The city did not have a complete city feel; it was more like a town. But a cozy town for sure. The castle brought lots of history to the town, making yet another tourism spot.

The tourism industry is important to any country. It can create employment for the residents, and add cultural awareness to help preserve local culture and traditions. As for the more obvious perk, tourism brings more money into the economy, which can be used to develop new infrastructure or services.