8/6: Fam look at the Lamb

Today we went to see lamb farm near Glendalough, a beautiful lake and then went to the town of Kilkenny.    The lamb was so cool to me.  I am not going to lie, I had low expectations for the lamb farm.  I thought it would be just another petting zoo.  Boy was I wrong.  A sheep dog (I think), named Bruce influenced the lamb to there stall.  It was so unique.

Then we went on a hike in Glendalough, that has a beautiful lake, with an exceptional background.  The walk to the lake was neat, passing churches and other historic buildings.

Then we went to Kilkenny which was a cute little town.  It had a beautiful river walk and a nice park behind a gorgeous church and garden.

What I have noticed after visiting Glendalough’s lake, Howth’s epic cliff hike, and the Cliffs of Maher, all three have an attractive quality which spurs tourism; and all three have the same overpriced gift shops and the same over priced food.  I still love and am grateful for all three sites though.  But the industries around it need to differentiate themselves.  It is why that in Howth and their market I love.

I would say that tourism is a huge influence on Ireland.  Not necessarily in Dublin, but the smaller towns, like Kilkenny and Galway.  Walking around those towns, a good third of people on the streets were tourists.  That is a lot of money coming into the stores.

I’d like to give a special shoutout to Murphy, both the driver and the ice cream.  Both  were elite.